The Word bitcoin is world-renowned, and almost everyone knows about it. These coins are basically not a coin or something, but it is a cryptocurrency that you can use to earn money. If we talk about years back about these coins, then you might laugh out so hard. The value of these coins was in cents and just like one day it comes out to be one of the most valuable currencies. It was just like a midnight millionaire thing for people with bitcoins.

It is really a great thing, and it happens just like it does in fairy tales. It happened really quickly with all the things in just one time. There are many agencies giving a btc double. However, there are many amazing things and facts about bitcoins and let us talk about them.

  1. The First Bitcoin was for the pizza

One day a man ordered a pizza is paying almost 10,000 bitcoins to a pizza owner. It was May 22 which is now celebrated as world bitcoin pizza day. The net worth of these bitcoins is 160 Crores for 10,000 bitcoins. This is really impressive and amazing.

  1. The Inventor is a mystery

So, the inventor of the bitcoins is still unknown, and it is said to be some Satoshi Nakamoto who invented Bitcoins. It is still a mystery who he is, and people don’t really know who the man behind this currency is.

  1. The Currency is connected by a Block Chain network

The bitcoins are connected by the network of blockchain which contains your address of transactions. So if someone has your private address, then you can get to know about the money held by the person.  And it is better for FBI to trace just like they did with the Silk Road.

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