In all countries, there are some specific laws created by the authorities. The main motive of making laws is providing proper protection to the residents. New York’s Local Law 11  is one of the most important laws created by the government. This particular law is created from the safety point of view from the high buildings.

According to the law, the buildings those have height more than six stories that are coming under the law. In the law, the authority describes some basic safety measure those are beneficial in providing protection to the public from different types of disasters.

Here, the term disaster is representing the accidents those are happening due to the demolishing of buildings. These types of conditions appear when the building becomes weaker and not able to hold the weight properly.

Know more about the law

Now the question appears on how the law functions. The law is functioned by paying attention to lots of things such as – time, condition and numerous other factors. For implementation and following the law, the building owners are required to take help from the architecture. Architecture is a professional who can inspect the building and issue a report.

In the report, he/she mentions the recent condition of the building. There are three terms decided for explaining the building conditions. These three terms are representing three levels of the results such as – safe, precautionary and unsafe.

The report is submitted to the New York’s Local Law 11 operating organization. On the basis of the report, the owners need to make the final decision and perform future activities. All these things are not happening at once. The inspection all these activities are performed after every five years. The building owners need to hire the best architecture for the inspection and preparing the report.

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