Father Faces Criminal Charges Related to Car Crash

Fathers are supposed to protect their kids. They aren’t supposed to have criminal charges filed against them. However, being a father didn’t prevent Jaron Skipper from testing positive for amphetamines, cocaine, and cannabis when the courts ordered Tampa General Hospital to provide a blood sample following a car accident.

Skipper was at Tampa General Hospital receiving treatment for the injuries he sustained during the accident. The accident happened when Skipper rear-ended A City Bus with his pickup truck. He had two of his children in the vehicle with him at the time. The children went to Tampa General Hospital to have a fractured spine and a fractured skull treated. The force of the collision resulted in Skipper’s 7-year-old daughter getting ejected from the truck’s cab.


When police arrived on the scene, they looked through Skipper’s truck where they found a plastic baggie containing 3 pain pills. According to the police report, Skipper was uncooperative through each stage of the investigation.

While the results of the initial blood test indicate that Skipper was using substances during the time of his accident, the PCSO has asked for another test. A warrant has been issued in Skipper’s name, but at this point, he hasn’t been formally charged with any crimes, though it’s expected that once the charges are listed, they’ll include child endangerment, DUI with property damage, and DUI with serious bodily injury.

Skipper and his two children weren’t the only people who required physical care following the accident. Seven of the bus passengers went to hospital for medical treatment but most of their injuries were minor. The driver wasn’t hurt at all.

car-crashBoth Skipper and his daughter were released from the hospital following treatment, but his son remained in critical condition. This is a heartbreaking case because it should never have happened. If Skipper hadn’t been high, it’s likely he would have used better judgement and managed to avoid the accident.

Even while our hearts bleed for all the good people who were touched by this particular case, it also provides a good reminder that if you are involved in an accident like this, you don’t have to worry going into financial ruins as a result of the injuries you sustained.

Once you’re well enough to leave the hospital, you’ll want to book a free consultation with a highly-qualified Tampa personal injury attorney and have them look at the details of your case. As long as you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s likely that your Tampa personal injury attorney will determine that you have the grounds for a personal injury case and help you start the paperwork. They will ask the court for a settlement that covers your medical expense, lost wages, and emotional trauma. In most cases, the lawyer doesn’t charge any out of pocket expenses, instead collecting their earning out of your final settlement. The sooner you contact a Tampa personal injury attorney, the sooner you’ll get the settlement you deserve.