Shaving manually with disposable shavers

Electric shavers or electric razors did not exist until 1898 but before that, men used disposable razors to shave their beards and mustaches. Shavers since the bronze age. But at that time, men used knives or anything sharp to cut or trim their facial hair. A razor is used to remove unwanted body hair through shaving it. A razor consists of a blade or more therefore being a bladed tool. There are different kinds of razors like straight razors, electric razors, and the most common, the disposable razors. Most of men and some females grow hair faster than the others and that is why having a razor is a common thing that people have. You can identify the best type for you after putting an elektrorasierer test.

Electric razors

The use of electric razors began when the first electric razor was patented in 1898 by John O’Rouke. An electric razor consists of an oscillating blade. Unlike disposable shavers or straight razors, you can use an electric razor without using a shaving cream, water, or soap. An electric razor can also be powered by batteries and not just electricity. Some people prefer this kind of razor because it is more convenient at home. You do not have to purchase shaving creams to avoid side burns and cuts. But if you are travelling, you can always buy disposable shavers for a low cost. You can choose the best electric razors through elektrorasierer test

Preference on razors

Whether you like a straight razor, a disposable (safety) razor, or electric razor, each type of razor has its own convenience and efficiency depending on your usage. Electric razors are more expensive but if you think about it, disposable razors can be expensive too because of the shaving cream. So it will always depend on what kind of user you are.

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